Thursday, November 11, 2010

Faith - New necklace


I've got a new necklace and earrings set to show you today - it's called Faith. It ended up being vaguely crucifix style, hence the name. It's available in three gems - Ruby, Emerald and Black Diamond (my favourite!).

Matching earrings are included. Available in Mod/Copy from Marketplace (Ruby, Emerald, Black Diamond, demo) or in Mod/Copy and Mod/Transfer from my store in Gisborne.

Short and sweet today, not feeling great so I'm heading back to bed.

Snuggles, Cai

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Discount Floor!

Quick post today (two posts in two days, it's a record!) just to let you know that I've added a discount section to my store. The top floor is now filled with stuff all L$25 and under (L$25 for necklaces, L$15 for bangles and rings). There's loads of stuff up there, in all kinds of gemstone varieties, all with Modify and Transfer permissions.

SLurl: *Cailyn's* in Gisborne. There's a direct TP sign at the foot of the stairs.

Most of it is up on the Marketplace too. Hopefully that link takes you straight to the discounted stuff!

Enjoy! xx

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

More Partnership Rings!

Hello! I've got some new partnership rings to show you today. First up are the solitaire ones:

Each features a large square diamond as the focal point, with smaller square gems on the shoulders of the ring. The female version has the main diamond set higher up than the male. This set is available in five different gemstone versions - the two gems closest to the main stone are the ones that change. Choose from diamond (main pic with the two ring boxes), emerald (male version shown), ruby (female version shown), sapphire or amethyst.

I can do other gemstones on request, just IM me inworld.

The second set are the two-tone partnership rings:

Just the single version of these - a simple gold band with a contrasting narrower band of white gold surrounding it. The two look similar, but the female version is slightly narrower.

All of these rings are available in separate male and female versions, so you can mix and match. Modify/copy versions are available from the SLMarketplace, or you can get both Modify/Copy and Modify/Transfer from my inworld store.

Oh, and just so you know, all the above pics are straight from SL snapshots, just with borders and text added. Love the shadows! (even if I can't move while they are enabled.. damn they look good!)

Final note for today.. I've redesigned the store a bit. Added stairs and taken out the teleport system. Hopefully people will realise there is more than one floor now :D

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Partnership Rings

Hello! A little note to show you the new set of partnership rings that I've just put out in my store (would have been sooner, but SL decided to mangle the permissions on all the mens versions so that I couldn't even modify my own creations, grrrr!)

I've decided to sell these seperately, so you can mix and match the male & female ones. They are available in five gemstones (amethyst, emerald, ruby, sapphire and pink rhodium), Modify/Copy from SL Marketplace, or Modify/Copy & Modify/Transfer from my inworld store.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Beautiful Photos

Annough Lykin has taken some amazing photos showing off my Musette Set... click here to stop by her blog!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Jewelry Fair 2010

It's that time of year again, the Jewelry Fair is back! (a year already? eep!)

This year's theme is Beauty and the Beast. The fair covers 4 sims, and runs from October 8th till 17th.

I'll be there!

Check out Jewelers of SL blog for more details.

More risque than usual...

Hello! I've made a few new things, which will probably appeal to the Gor & D/s community rather than mainstream.. this is more a diversion for me to keep me interested in creating rather than a direction change, I will be making more classic stuff soon (have a pretty choker necklace on my workspace as I type, in fact!).

So.. first we have a basic ring collar, available in male & female versions. It's fashioned from black leather, with a large silver O-ring at the front, and silver studs decorating it all around. It comes unscripted, but is OpenCollar ready (meaning that I've set it up so that a leash will look like it's attaching to the O-ring rather than the inside of your neck).

Available from my Gisborne store, and from SLMarketplace (hopefully!). Free demos are available inworld. Once the marketplace has settled down I'll add demos there too.

Second, I present body chains! Kind of a bikini made of jewellery, but with less coverage *grins* Not for the faint hearted! Pic has modesty hearts to try and keep the blog PG.

I built these chains around Cailyn's avatar, which is fairly petite. I've tried them on a few different shapes, and found that they really didn't fit avatars with curvier hips. So, I grabbed an alt, gave her some extra junk in her trunk, and modified them to fit her too. The end result is two bottom versions in each pack, the idea is one should fit (although you may still need to resize and/or reposition a little). The top part seemed to fit most shapes with a bit of resizing, so I left that one alone. Anyway, there's a free demo to try in the store to test out.

The chains come in 9 different versions - 4 gold chains with gemstones, and 5 silver chains with pastel stones. These are the ones I felt looked the best. If anyone wants a different combo, I'm happy to oblige!

Body chains aren't available on the marketplace yet.. I'm a bit wary of adding new stuff while LL is still migrating and twiddling things.

All the above items are available in Modify/Copy or Modify/Transfer versions, just choose which from the vendor when you buy. I don't use resize scripts in my jewellery.

That's all for now! xx